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    We pledge that every business deal you make on our website will be completely secure. All information collected during the transaction is entirely confidential.

    All of your personal information including contact info, email id, residencies will never is disclosed. Your right to confidentiality is appraised, appreciated and endorsed and we are unswerving in ensuring your privacy.

    The information that we gather on our Web sites is used to present you with a finer shopping experience and to keep in contact with you, all the while informing you with the latest products, services, ideas, promotions as well as mega sales.

    Registration at this website is optional as well, and has been left to the customer. Though, you can utilize all of our opportune site features and determine if registration seems as a productive alternative to you.

    If you have made your mind for registration then it will mandatory for you to provide contact information (this may include name, email address, billing and shipping address). This information is used to inform you regarding our latest services which interest you in the near future.

    The information is used by us to send you the prime requisites of transaction i.e. the order confirmation and shipping notification by means of email. Usually, you cannot avoid taking a part in these communications, which do not have a promotional nature.

    However, if you do want to cancel the subscription of such emails, you surely do have the alternative to disengage your registration if you order certain products from our website then we are liable to request relevant personally recognized information from you on our order form.

    It is binding on you to provide information including name, email, shipping address and monetary facts and figures like credit card number, expiration date. This information is utilized for billing purposes and for the sake of completing your orders.

    If there is a certain discrepancy during the process of an order, the information can be used to contact you. The personal credentials and information you send us, will be looked after by Customer Service and afterwards a welcoming email will be dispatched to you so that your username and password can be verified.

    We will also correspond to your queries, to facilitate with the services you ask for, and to administer your account. All the correspondence can be done either over the phone or by mail, as per your preference.

    Also, please note that WE DO NOT send unwanted e-mail. If you have received any unsolicited mail then it would be convenient if you could forward the e-mail, as an attachment to us and we will look into it. If you register in our promotional email list, then in all likelihood you will receive our promotional announcements time and again.

    If you want to deactivate this option then all you have to do is to unsubscribe this service, by following the instructions enclosed in the email. Whenever an order is placed , the personal information, you have sent and the monetary information including credit card or debit card information are encrypted via SSL encryption technology before being dispatched through the internet. SSL technology is a good measure of ensuring that your personal information and financial information is secure from interception.

    The credit card information, you have given is always stored as an encryption in a restricted-access database that is not a part of our own Web site database so it isn’t connected with the world wide web, for the purpose of keeping it safe from theft and fraudulent usage.

    Notification of Changes to this privacy policy: If the private policy is decided to be changed, then these particular changes will be posted to this privacy statement, the homepage, and other places we consider suitable so that you are alert of what information we gather, how we make use of it and what will be the dictating circumstances, under which we may have to disclose it.

    We hold the right to change/modify this privacy statement at any time, so it is recommended that you do visit this page frequently. If there are any material changes made in the private policy, you will be notified here, by email, or by a notice posted on our homepage

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