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    Do you want to sell your website? Then you have come to the right place. Buying high quality, reputable websites is high on our agenda. We maintain a mailing catalog of hundreds of webmasters who are serious about purchasing websites. If your site is not up to our required criteria, then we can surely facilitate in passing your information, to someone who might be interested in purchasing your website!

    Here's the list of what we are looking for on the whole:

    1. Well-known Websites

    We are always on the hunt for purchasing established websites, "poor content oriented websites" (i.e. recessive knockoffs launched last week). A user base and/or some standing in the site's niche, basically make up for our prime website purchasing parameters.

    2. Considerable Traffic

    Websites with considerable amount of traffic also lies within our basic parameters. It is much simpler to boil it down to the fact that websites with free-content have more visitors than other websites.

    3. We Want Websites Which Have:

    Premium keyword domains
    Aim at webmasters (e.g., hosting, domains, etc.)
    eBay/Amazon affiliated traffic

    4. Sites Which We Don't Want:

    Sites having no unrefined search traffic
    Adult-content related websites, software downloading sites, games, arcades and the like.


    We are looking to buy 100% operational websites, semi-developed websites, profit-oriented websites and non-profit oriented websites. We love unique websites with niche content, interesting galleries, also story websites, self help articles, old domains, etc. We acquire websites both for ourselves and for our clientele who procure our services to buy domains and websites on their behalf. The core interest areas, which we are looking for are Travel Related websites, Self Development related websites.


    If you are in the possession of a website which you no longer use and if money doesn't seem harmful to you at the least, then please contact us today with required website details, which may include:

    Revenue generated in previous months.
    Any other domains/websites that were a part of the transaction.
    When was it uploaded

    Additionally, it would be mutually beneficial for both parties if you name an asking price, which you are hoping to get from this transaction. Anything which can add to our value-oriented services and our assorted mix of websites, is a precious commodity for us; the only websites which are not required by us are PPC sites (Porn, Pharmacy and Casinos) We are specifically geared towards preserving good sites that may have been quite successful earlier or had a sizeable traffic but as of late are not making waves as they should have.

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