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    Why you need an Aged Domain:

    You can get an aged domain of 5 to 10 years old from us, you will be given domain on any keyword you provide. WE charge 100$ Dollars for such a domain. Merely registering a good domain name in contemporary domain market can present a considerable amount of ordeals, particularly if you are looking for a domain name that has commonly searched keywords. Once you are in the possession of a domain name that is appropriate for your online enterprise you can begin concentrating on the advertising of that domain. In some particular cases it can take up to years for a domain to get a high Page Rank, or influence in its niche. One of the chief reasons why it is such an uphill task to find good domain names is simply because people are on the lookout for names that are not registered. This is also the sole reason why it often takes that much long to establish weight with your site.

    Aged Domains and Site Authority

    As a site ages it gathers back links from all around the web, and it's accumulative web signature becomes more prominent, thus catching attention from search engines and gaining a higher PR (Page Rank). Each and every indexed site on the internet gets a Google Page Rank, from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest score an index page can get and 0 being non-existent. The age of a domain is one of the chief factors that make up the site's overall clout. The older and more well-known a site is, the higher the PR will be, and when a site has managed to get a high PR there is a fairly good chance of the pages of that
    site ending up at top of the search engines. Evaluating the value of the domain considering the age-parameter, alone can result in some very flawed decisions, principally if you aim to purchase a domain that will give you instantaneous authority in the search engines. Additionally, you need to concentrate on a range of factors, such as PR, and most outstandingly back links. What is the cost of Existing and Aged? Deals are everywhere to be found. Prices vary rapidly and the owner of a domain name, that has not yet expired, can put forward his/her pricing subsets. Many great domains can be bought for as little as $20. The standard price seems to fluctuate between $80 to $100, this is our rate you will note people even sale a domain for 1000 US Dollars through enom, godaddy, flippa also, but this is always a negligible amount to pay to get credibility. Buying and selling domains is in fact one of the simplest steps. Evaluating what to buy can be more complicated since you cannot actually visit a website that is up for sale. How to decide what to buy? It was a pleasure answering your query.

    How to Investigate Domains to Determine Value

    Three factors determine the price of the domain, under consideration. These may include: age, daily traffic and the score of page rank that it has. A well-aged domain may have a hefty price tag if it also scores high on page rank. Being placed high on Google will be much more convenient with a domain possessing such traits. There are three parameters you can use to evaluate age, traffic and page rank when surveying domain names If your intentions are pure and simple then when you buy an aged domain name, you are purchasing it with the support from the previous owner which along with many other possible values also includes SEO value and if you maintain the website in its previous soul and spirit, then Google should have no problems with it.

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