Affiliated Marketing Practical Training: 10 Lectures

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    Course Name


    Social Media Marketing -SMM Training Through Online and Live 3000 PKR
    Web Content Writing Skills Training Through Online and Live 3000 PKR
    Video Editing Course Through Online and Live 3000 PKR
    Youtube Course (Earn money by youtube) Through Online and Live 10000 PKR
    Google Adsense Monitization Course (Earn money by youtubeThrough Online and Live) 10000 PKR
    Web Hosting Business Training) Through Online and Live 10000 PKR
    Call Center Business Training 10000 PKR
    SMS marketing Business Training 5000 PKR
    Online Shop Business Ecommerce Training (Online Entreprenuership Course) 3000 PKR
    Spoken English Language+Confidence Building+Communication Skills Training Free With Every Course Free

    Personality Development Courses


    Behavior Management 2000 PKR
    Building Self-Esteem in Children 2000 PKR
    Confidence Building 2000 PKR
    Effective Communication 2000 PKR
    Dealing With Difficult People 2000 PKR
    Persuasion Techniques 2000 PKR
    Stress/Depression Management 2000 PKR
    Conflict Resolution 2000 PKR
    Leadership and Supervision training 2000 PKR
    Customer Relationship Management 2000 PKR
    ecommerce store development in pakistan

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